所以,我们来看看Z的情况,在早晨9:25 GMT+1,服务器时间)

1.   1600位在线玩家;

2.   只有60级的战歌峡谷战场有人;

3.   联盟没有团队在打奥妮克希亚;

4.   部落没有团队打奥妮克希亚,甚至连MC都没有;

5.   因为人口的问题,PVP爱好者需要大量的时间来提升军阶;

6.   PVE,升级过程中你也更难找到队友。





Potential merger between Elysium and Zeth’kur

Please note, there is more to this than just a merge and be done with it attitude. We are looking for more feedback and looking into multiple options for both Elysium and Zeth'Kur. There will be an Elysium post up soon as we do not want to disturb either server to where it causes undue distress.


(Sorry no special graphics because I'm not cool like that)

*you must sign your ingame name on ZK when posting in this thread*

So, let’s start off with, no this is not going to be immediate nor is it something that we are going to rush a decision on, because let’s face it. Zeth’kur IS different from Elysium. The economy, the PvP/PvE Scene, the entire persona of the server is different than any of the other three servers.

So let’s look at the facts:

9:25pm GMT+1 (server time)

1600 players online

Only level 60 WSG

Zero Onyxia Raids on alliance

Zero Onyxia/MC raids on Horde

Rankers in PvP having a harder time to rank in brackets due to population

Harder to find PvE groups throughout the leveling process

Does this mean the server is dead? No, does it make it harder for people to find groups, raids, PvP, etc..? Probably.

So we want to put forth to the Zeth’Kur community ONLY, as the population has visually declined over the past few months, do you want to merge with the Elysium server? If yes, why? If no, why? Please give detailed reason as to why or why not.

There are more details behind the scene that we will work out later IF we decide to merge the servers, but we want to hear from the ZK community, this poll will stay up for some time and will also be announced in game on the ZK server.