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Kronos II launching Wednesday 27th April


You spoke and we listened. After literally hundreds of requests via tickets, forum posts, comments on social media and a lot of conversations in-game, we agree that it is time for Kronos to release a second realm and after the sheer amount of interest shown, it has been decided that we must take action immediately. There are a number of benefits to this second realm, the most important of which is the lowered stress on the Kronos server.


After a turbulent month, we are making our way back to our philosophy of quality over all else and the resources that will be freed up by the new addition to the Twinstar project will be key to this. The quick fixes that had to be put in place to manage the fluctuations in population can be scaled back and the effects of overpopulation on Kronos will be mitigated before they do significant and permanent damage.


About the new realm


Kronos II will be launched the same experience and loot rates as Kronos, along everything else that our veteran players have come to expect from us over the course of the last year. Newer members of our community will see a new level of quality across both realms, with those that wish to grasp the opportunity being given the chance to experience it all on a level playing field.

Kronos II(K服新区)将推出相同的经验和战利品和老区一模一样,以及其他一切我们的资深玩家所期待的我们在过去的一年里。我们社区的新成员将看到一个新的跨领域的质量水平,与那些希望把握机会被给予机会去经历这一切,在一个公平的环境。

The realm will launch just as Kronos did, with Molten Core and Onyxia being the only raid content of note available. Shortly after all current content is cleared, the next wave (namely Blackwing Lair) will follow.


Finally, it has been decided that Kronos II will be a PvP server. This decision has been made as it will make the server more appealing to a broader audience and allow it to attract its own population on an equal playing field with Kronos moving forward in a space that sees players come and go on an extremely frequent basis.


Please be aware that Gamemasters will not be providing any further information regarding Kronos II via tickets and that any such requests will be deleted without response, in order to keep what resources we have focused on providing our community with the best possible experience and assisting those with genuine issues.


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Gold Spam


In-game advertising from gold sellers has become an issue of late, to say the least. We would like to thank those players that have been playing a role in mitigating this issue with their tireless vigilance and willingness to continue making tickets to report spammers. Our development team continues to work on a comprehensive solution to this problem that will have minimal impact on our current player base. For obvious reasons, we cannot make details of how the system will work public but please rest assured that it is nearing completion and should be rolled out in the very near future.


As always, we would like to thank you for your continued support and patience you have shown throughout the last month as we made our way through this extremely challenging transitional period.


The Kronos Team