目前还没有得到官方确认。然而,TiPSOut 坚称这些消息十分正确。第一手消息有95%是真的,第二手消息70%是真的。我自己都不认为这些消息百分之百是真的。但是官方怀旧服就像沙漠里的雨水,而等待官方怀旧服的玩家就是那穿越沙漠的人。这篇消息就是暴雨前的雷声吧(打雷不一定下雨)。



消息来源:HTTPS://www. Twitt.Tv/VISOS/243356185


























Patrick MagruderTBC17人开发团队一员,军团再临:首席开发官之一

Patrick DawsonTBC17人开发团队一员,军团再临:唯一一个服务器程序员)

Cory StocktonTBC:首席等级设计师;军团再临:游戏设计师)

Omar Gonzalez 游戏程序员)


Transscription of leaks allegedly confirmed.



This is NOT confirmed officially yet. However, the source (TipsOutBaby) is VERY adamant about the truth of these leaks. His main source is 95% correct and his second source is 70% (According to him). I don't say any of these leaks are true nor do I fully believe them as of now. Downvote me me or whatever you want, but I strongly felt the urge to share these leaks. Take these leaks with a grain of salt.

I'm currently watching this video and will update this post whenever anything new is brought up.


Leak 1

Lead Developer has been credited for WoW's development since early burning crusade and most likely was affiliated with WoW vanilla development as well but wasn't fully employed, hence no credits. Allegedly, he's been working 12-14 years for Blizzard.

The Lead Developer's name is confirmed, but the beans won't be spilled.

... And no. It's not Brack. nor Metzen.

The Lead Developer VOLUNTEERILY works on the project for the sole purpose to recreate vanilla.

Senior Developer is a veteran developer from Valve. This might sound like a joke, but according to the leak, it's true. He contributes mainly to the infrastructure.

Leak 2

the source is VERY adamant this is 100% true. 100%. True.

Now, hold onto your hats, purists:

We will be getting NO changes to vanilla. None.

It's still up for debate internally (needless to say) which patch and how they'll set it up. However, hinted by the leak, they could start from 1.1 instead of running a franken-patch as of now.

Leak 3

There's 5 developers on the team currently.

Although this might seem like it negatively affects the developing speed, it most likely doesn't, as less developers mostly lead to better results than tons of developers that have to unanimously agree upon a change. (My thoughts)

The reason why there's little to no developers is because there's no intent in changing vanilla, hence only software devs have been hired for this task.

Leak 4

According to Tipsout, this information is confidential, therefore he isn't allowed to share the 4th leak. However, he claims that it firmly validates the 2nd leak.

Edit: Corrected "most likely" as people misinterpreted.


IF Tips Out' sources are true, we can deduce The Lead Developer as follows:

There are only 7 programmers in The Burning Crusade credits that arenotin the vanilla credits and thatarein the Legion credits. Of those, only 3 are Leads. And of those 3, only 1 has classic WoW recoding game systems written all over him.

They are, in order of likeliness:


Patrick Magruder(tbc: programming 1 of 17, legion: lead gameplay programmers, 1 of 2) game systems expert, i.e. gravity in the game, quests backend, etc. has exactly the knowledge needed. possibility. started on blackwing lair bug fixing. leads small team, is the ideal guy to recode classic wow. Has been playing since the start, same character. favorite thing he worked on: fondly remembers Hotwing Lair (for all the hotfixes in BWL). equipment set manager. basics of multitalent system. inventory management. fixups.youtube


Patrick Dawson(tbc: programming 1 of 17, legion: lead server programmer, only 1) takes care of scalability of legion under load. possibility. dodged question on nost shutdown but did react. old civilization III and IV guy. is a team lead.youtube


Cory Stockton(tbc, lead level designer only 1; legion, lead game designer, 1 of 5) joined june 2005, mostly designed zones, joined a little too early. possibility. ratchet and clank guy. lead content designer WoD...youtube+ specifically excluded by Tips Out during stream (edit).


Omar Gonzalez (gameplay programmer, 1 of 11) pure coder, invisible, unlikely to be the lead. Jeff Mears (server programmer, 1 of 10) pure coder, invisible, unlikely to be the lead. Russell Bernau (mobile programmer, only 1), invisible, has the right timing but unlikely. Pat MacKellar (gameplay programmer, 1 of 11) invisible, has the right timing but unlikely.